Where & when ?

In several places of Dieppe:

Centre Jean Renoir

The Atelier 13

4th july to 30th july

From Wednesday to Sunday

From 2pm to 7pm

What ?


The festival hosted 4 artists in residencies this year. So they came to Dieppe but also to Newhaven in spring 2017 to meet craftsmen, workers of the ferry line, lighthouse keepers and high school students. The work exhibited at the centre Jean Renoir is the result of their works.

At the same time, the festival also invited artists, Ali Kazma and Chloé Guillermin to exhibit works previously produced but with a special resonance with the theme of representation of work.

At the centre Jean Renoir

Charlotte Perrin's photographie extracted from her newspaper "Manoeuvre". A diep~haven production.

Grève naturelle, réserve du travail
Workshop realized in Sicila within the framework of the program of research on the self-representation developed by the Superior Institute of Fine Arts of Besançon and the photographic option of the School of the Cambre in Brussels with the students of it and thanks To the international fund of the friends of Cambre and Fresnoy.

At the Atelier 13

Sylvère Cypriani's photographie extracted from his serie "Voies de fait".

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