School of Impatiences

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In 2022, the event becomes the “School of Impatiences “.

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diep~haven is a festival of contemporary art and ideas in the Dieppe region and beyond, created in 2005. Read more...
Some Archives

Festival diep~haven 2020 (in 2021)

For its 2020 edition, the diep~haven festival is pleased to propose a program – finally postponed to 2021 (without replacing the 2021 edition

Festival diep~haven 2019

Festival diep~haven 2019   Le festival de la côte d’albâtre, diep, s’est dès sa création en 2010 interessé à sa situation

Festival diep~haven 2018

Festival diep~haven 2018 Terra Firma takes as its starting point the shifting relationship between the human and the land and its vegetation (the

Festival diep-haven 2017

Festival diep-haven 2017 Commissaire : Philippe Terrier Hermann In 2017, the Diep-Haven Festival will engage with the theme of ‘work’, with the

Festival diep~haven 2016

diep~haven/ festival transmanche — portraits, 2016 Commissaires : Sarah Michel, Philippe Terrier Hermann En réponse à l’invitation de Normandie

Festival diep~haven 2015

diep~haven/ festival transmanche — nouveau monde new world, 2015 Distant Fictions Jerwood Gallery, Hastings David de Beyter, Sissu Tarka, Anaïs

Festival diep~haven 2014

diep~haven/ festival transmanche — entre deux in between, 2014   Commissaires : Sarah Michel, Alice Schÿler Mallet, Amélie Mourgue

Festival diep~haven 2013

diep/ festival de la côte d’albâtre, — littoral coast line, 2013     Commissaires : Philippe Terrier Hermann, Alice Schÿler

Festival diep~haven 2012

diep/ festival de la côte d’albâtre — carto—graphies, 2012 Commissaires : Philippe Terrier Hermann, Alice Schÿler Mallet, Sarah Michel

Festival diep~haven 2011

diep/ festival de la côte d’albâtre — le modernisme, 2011 Commissaires : Philippe Terrier Hermann, Alice Schÿler Mallet En 2010, la