Festival diep~haven 2020 (in 2021)

For its 2020 edition, the diep~haven festival is pleased to propose a program – finally postponed to 2021 (without replacing the 2021 edition which will take place in October 2021) – in echo to the exhibition of the impressionist artist Eva Gonzales which was to take place in the summer of 2020 at the Château-Musée de Dieppe. Read more below.

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Films available for free online throughout July 2021.

by Randa Maroufi, 2019, 6mn

Pour toutes mes soeurs (For all my sisters) by Véronique Caye, 2019, 36 mn

A Place we Call Home by Emmanuelle Antille, 2006, 8 mn

Notre corps est une arme (Our Body is a Weapon) by Clarisse Hahn, 2012, 12 et 13 mn

2021 Edition

The program of the 2021 edition will be online soon,
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diep~haven is a festival of contemporary art and ideas in the Dieppe region and beyond, created in 2005. Read more...
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