Valérie Églès / Florence Levasseur / Alice Schÿler Mallet 

A Portrait of the Late Landscape Architect and Gardener Pascal Cribier

Installation 2016

Produced by Diep~Haven



As an elusive portrait of the late landscape architect and gardener Pascal Cribier, we offer to recall his presence through one of his most refined works, filmed by himself. A static shot shows two pools, one pouring into the other, in the garden he designed at Woolton House in Hampshire. The one in the centre is Victorian; the peripheral framework and the surrounding plants are his idea. The water flows slowly and softens everything. A subtle, almost imperceptible liveliness pervades the still image. This is not a film. This is a living mirror, giving a silent sense of life to an old story.




Portrait de Pascal Cribier

Installation, 2016

Production diep-haven


Valérie Egles is a contemporary artist and landscape architect. From 2004, she worked with Pascal Cribier on several major projects (the Mediterranean garden, the Haras de la Cense), as well as on the design of his exhibitions. 

Florence Levasseur graduated in literature and language sciences; she guides and supports individuals and collectives in their writing projects.

Using various types of materials is, for Alice Schÿler Mallet, a way to built a sensitive and personal relation to memory.

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