Valentine Solignac 

Jeunesse périphérique (Peripheral Youth)

Photographic series, 2016

Co-produced by diep~haven and the Minister for Culture and Communication, Regional Directorate of Culture, as a public commission

During her residency, Valentine Solignac chose to develop a photographic project with teenagers: individuals at a time in their lives when the issue of freedom becomes central. This work questions their way of investing in the territory as a form of expression of this freedom, at sites on the periphery of their school or family life. The photographic shoot becomes a meeting where the subject chooses the conditions of their (re)presentation to the world. The images produced thus function as double portraits of people and places, revealing the special relationship bonding these young people and their territory.






Maïlysse et Simon, Plage de Dieppe, (Maïlysse and Simon, Dieppe Beach), June 2016


Valentine Solignac was born in Rodez in 1981. A graduate of the Valence School of Fine Arts, she studied photography at the "75" school in Brussels, and now lives and works in Lille. Her practice is located in the field of documentary photography, and questions the place of the human being in their everyday environment.

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