Alexis Maryon 

Four Hours by Ferry

Photographs 2012-2016

Alexis Maryon has been undertaking a photographic study of Newhaven for the last four years; more recently he has started a similar project in Dieppe. The photos celebrate the relative similarities and differences between the two port towns, showing their often-overlooked beauty and defying previously held conceptions. Alexis doesn’t shy away from portraying the bleak industrial areas, yet he gives his subjects a dignity and humanity. His images suggest stories: a woman crossing a bridge on her way to meet a lover, a boy back-flipping into the sea. His love of both towns is reflected strongly in the work. To quote Alexis: "There is more beauty than banality, more humour than imaginable, and there is always a different way of seeing."





Alexis Maryon studied at the London College of Printing and is a well-known music photographer. In recent years he has undertaken his own long-term projects: his study of Brighton’s Bristol Estate resulted in a book, On The Steepest Hill; he is currently focusing on the ports of Newhaven and Dieppe.

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