Benjamin Haywood 

Visions from the black hole of Centre Ville: Domestic Zone

Photographic Series, 2016

Co-produced by diep~haven and the Minister for Culture and Communication, Normandy Regional Directorate of Culture, as a public commission 


Domestic Zone was realised on the housing estates of the Seahaven area. The works nod to the tableaux and genre art traditions. Made in collaboration with local residents, giving special mention to members of Meeching Amateur Dramatics society, the partially-staged images play out scenes from everyday life. Whilst doing so, they reference current and future affairs. Centre-Ville is the future model town, people inhabit the Domestic Zone, fulfill their desires in the Consumer Zone and de-stress and rebalance in the Leisure and the Solace Zones. Peering past the humour and sadness of the works, a conversation about both how we live our lives and how our domestic habitats might be shaping our futures begins to appear.




Ben Haywood received his BA in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2014. His practice deals with English life and with the contemporary moment. As an artist he has a strong love for the banal and the popular. His work has been shown in the UK and internationally, and is included in the Art collection of the French State.

Domestic zone

Photographies, 2016

Co-production diep-haven dans le cadre de la commande publique

du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication,

Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de Normandie

Le travail photographique de Ben Haywood, Domestic Zone, s’articule autour des nouvelles constructions immobilières dans la région de Newhaven, et reprend les traditions du tableau de genre. Avec la participation des habitants, et particulièrement des membres de la Meeching Amateur Dramatic society, il met en scène et capture la vie quotidienne, tout en laissant place à une part d’improvisation. Ainsi, ces images symbolisent les préoccupations politiques actuelles, nationales et internationales de la Grande-Bretagne. Une fois l’aspect esthétique des photographies dépassé, une trame narrative se révèle, questionnant à la fois notre mode de vie et la manière dont notre habitat modèle potentiellement notre future.


Benjamin Haywood a reçu son BA en Photographie du London College of Communication, University of the Arts London en 2014. Dans sa pratique, il s’intéresse à la classe moyenne britannique et à la culture du présent. En tant qu'artiste, il se sent particulièrement concerté par le banal et le quotidien, ainsi  que par la rencontre.

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