David De Beyter 

Unexpected Monuments

2015, 16 mm transfered to video, 6’

Unexpected Monuments is a video and photographic documentary essay, conceived as an archaeological project. Two specific sites have been explored: the ruins of the Tide Mills in Newhaven and the remains of the architectural complex of

Orford Ness. The ambiguity maintained about the function and the period of the architecture filmed evokes fantasy mythology, fed, among other things, by

accounts of the exploration of the Mayan pyramids by John Lloyd Stephens.

Wandering through these sites with these accounts in mind, I searched for images that would echo the primitive forms described by the archaeologists. This

approach is superimposed on the military history of the sites. As training grounds, they send me back to the idea of a

displacement in time and space. They become virtual territories in which an

invisible war is played out, haunted by this bellicose atmosphere and inspired by a paranoid universe inherited from the Cold War.



David De Beyter was born in Roubaix in 1985. In 2008 he graduated from La Cambre (Brussels) with a degree in Visual, he then joined the Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts (Tourcoing) where he remained until 2010. His artistic work is at the crossroads of sculpture and image and is mainly based on research centred on the concept of landscape


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